FBD Insurance’s “Deep Play” Garden

The FBD Insurance’s “Deep Play” Garden is a relaxing and tranquil space for spending time with family and friends. The garden draws its inspiration from nature and memories of family holidays in places of outstanding natural beauty, transferring them into a modern, suburban context.   

The dynamic contemporary garden structure provides shelter and protection from the elements.  It also serves to frame a piece of bog oak mounted on a plinth which represents the great tradition and rich history of FBD Insurance in providing peace of mind to Irish farming families and now to Irish urban households.  

The designers have chosen a planting scheme in the style of the new perennial movement, inspired by nature and intended for the urban garden and broader urban appeal. 

FBD Insurance’s “Deep Play” Garden FBD Insurance’s “Deep Play” Garden

Niall Maxwell & Marina Andreeva

Niall Maxwell & Marina Andreeva

Niall Maxwell and Marina Andreeva are a multi-award winning landscape design team based in Dublin. Their designs are imbued with a deep passion and understanding of plants and the natural world. The duo was awarded a Gold Medal and ‘Best in Category’ at Bloom in 2017 for their Oxfam Ireland and GOAL ‘A World Beyond Walls’ show garden. (View Profile)