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Bloom 2017 Large Garden - FBD Insurance’s “Transition”


FBD Insurance’s “Transition”

This garden (name TBC) is a water landscape with a dramatic tidal effect. This unique idea is aimed at capturing the essence of the wild Irish tidal landscape. The garden will be dramatically transformed in front of the spectators’ eyes by lowering the water level. Landmasses and islands will appear and form a new landscape and then they disappear again.


This transition will take place at intervals of approximately 90 minutes. The lush green landscape with layered planting will be set off and reflected by the large tranquil water area. A subtle, nearly transparent modernist steel and glass structure will emphasize how important it is that buildings and structures have a minimum impact on what is a vulnerable landscape.

Oliver and Liat Schurmann.

liat oliver

Both Liat and Oliver trained in the renowned specialist nursery of Dr. Hans Simon in Northern Bavaria. After running a successful design and landscape business in Germany, they decided to move back to Ireland with their two children in 1999 to set up a specialist nursery in the foothills of Dublin. Well-known nationally and internationally, the nursery is flourishing. Liat and Oliver’s passion is to design cutting edge and creative show gardens which have won many awards in Ireland and Britain and have been featured in numerous magazines and books.(View profile)

Source: Bloom 2017 Large Garden - FBD Insurance’s “Transition”

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