Bloom 2017 Large Garden - Living Oasis by Santa Rita 'Living La Vida 120'


Living Oasis by Santa Rita 'Living La Vida 120'

Santa Rita and Kevin Dennis have come together to demonstrate how an oasis of calm can be achieved in the hectic lifestyle of urban living. The ‘Living Oasis by Santa Rita “Living La Vida 120”’ garden will celebrate how outdoor spaces should be cherished and how they can make people’s moments special.

Image-1-Living-Oasis-by-Santa-Rita-Living-la-Vida-120 Image-2-Living-Oasis-by-Santa-Rita-Living-la-Vida-120-Oasis Image-3-Living-Oasis-by-Santa-Rita-Living-la-Vida-120

The garden will have an exotic look with a primitive feel and will be a space to escape and retreat to. The garden will promote personal space to unwind, celebrating that ‘oasis moment’ that we look for in our lives. Here it will be found through the medium of plants, water and the clean lines of contemporary design. A clean, crisp pavilion will be at the heart of the oasis garden as a restful space, which relates to our own home living spaces. The visitor can sit and escape reality while enjoying plants layered throughout the garden. Vines will be cascading downwards from the contemporary floating planter to create a hanging green wall and submerse the visitor in plant life.

Kevin Dennis.


Kevin Dennis is a garden designer, horticulturist, and Founder of Cityscape Gardener. He creates bespoke landscape designs in Dublin and across Ireland. After numerous career changes, Kevin found his passion in horticulture – drawing on his connection to gardening honed since his early childhood days planting potatoes with his father. A year after establishing his garden design business, Kevin began a degree in Horticulture at ITB and the Botanic Gardens. Within his second college year, he won awards for his garden design and workmanship and has multiple awards to date. Bloom was always an ambition of his and on his first solo garden at Bloom, he achieved Gold and ‘Best Large Garden’.(View profile)

Source: Bloom 2017 Large Garden - Living Oasis by Santa Rita 'Living La Vida 120'

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