Distinguished Recorder Award 2016 Source - Biodiversity Ireland


The Data Centre is seeking nominations for the Distinguished Recorder Award 2016. The annual award was established by the Data Centre in 2008 and is made to an individual or organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to the recording of Ireland’s biodiversity.

Nominations for the award can be made to llysaght@biodiversityireland.ie , stating the reasons why you think the nominee should receive the award. Nominations must be received by Friday, 9th September, 2016. 

Ideally nominees should meet the following criteria:

  • Have amassed a significant and high quality dataset on an aspect(s) of Ireland biological diversity
  • Are recognised as a leading authority on their given specialism at a national or local level
  • Worked in conjunction with the Data Centre to promote biological recording.

Previous Award recipients were: 

2015 Pádraig Whooley 
2014 Joanne Denyer and Tom Gittings 
2013 Angus Tyner 
2012 Don Cotton 
2011 Tina Aughney and Roy Anderson 
2009 Paul Green 
2008 Ken Bond 

If you would like to nominate somebody for this year’s award please provide the following information and email it to llysaght@biodiversityireland.ie :

  • Nominee’s name:
  • Why do you think they should receive the Distinguished Recorder Award?:
  • •riefly outline their recording activities/achievements:
  • Other reasons in support of their nomination:

Source: Envirocentre - Distinguished Recorder Award 2016 Source - Biodiversity Ireland

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