The Designer’s Back Yard - Small Show Garden Bloom 2016


The Designer’s Back Yard is a small garden in a built up urban environment that is provides a habitat for many different plant species as well as the garden designer himself. This is his retreat, where he can enjoy sitting in the midst of his plants, or staring out from the office at them finding inspiration as he draws up new plans.

The surplus materials and ornaments from his work are arranged throughout the garden.

Various design effects make the garden seem much larger. There is a sunken area, a water channel with reflective qualities, a subtle water cascade and a small narrow stream. Plants are arranged vertically, some with transparent qualities. A factory window glassed with mirrors is mounted on the rear wall, reflecting the vegetation, while the visitor observes the garden though various windows, each framing a view inside.



Liat and Oliver Schurmann run Mount Venus Nursery in Dublin, a specialist nursery for unusual perennials and grasses. They have supplied plants to Buckingham Palace, and have won many gold medals for floral displays and exhibits.

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Mount Venus Nursery

Source: Bloom in the Park - The Designer’s Back Yard - Small Show Garden Bloom 2016

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