The Legend of Tarzan - Small Show Garden Bloom 2016


This show garden is inspired by “The Legend of Tarzan”, the breath-taking adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic tale, coming in July 2016. The garden invites visitors into a verdant African jungle, with a skilled design that seems deeper and larger than the garden’s dimensions.

A series of pools step down through the landscape, disappearing into the undergrowth and back-drop beyond, subtly playing with the viewer’s perspective. In the distance, an army of miniature gorillas adds a touch of the surreal, and suggests the wildness and danger of Tarzan’s tropical home. The hanging mist and mysterious sounds transport the visitor into the rainforests of Africa.



Liat and Oliver Schurmann run Mount Venus Nursery in Dublin, a specialist nursery for unusual perennials and grasses. They have supplied plants to Buckingham Palace, and have won many gold medals for floral displays and exhibits.

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Mount Venus Nursery

Source: Bloom in the Park - The Legend of Tarzan - Small Show Garden Bloom 2016


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