Blurred Lines - Medium Show Garden Bloom 2016


Little bits of Ireland have been gathered together to form “Blurred Lines”. In the heart of the garden, a fire roars, guarded by the sharp limestone lines, while rainwater sustains the garden’s tranquil pond.

The limestone deep in the ground acts as a barrier to the outside world, and crossing this threshold, visitors feel a sense of lightness and peace. Beyond the ruggedness of the stone, this garden is itself a living thing, with its own natural music, from the crackling fire to the murmur of water and the whisper of the plants native to this island. Within the protective walls of this design is a garden which returns the care and sustenance it has been given.



After beginning her career in the financial sector, Sofi Dosa decided to do something else and started studying Landscape Design. She is a new talent at Bloom, this year, and is sure to impress with a unique and intriguing design.(View profile)



Source: Bloom in the Park - Blurred Lines - Medium Show Garden Bloom 2016


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