Bridge the Gap - Large Show Garden Bloom 2016


The concept driving our garden, “Bridge the Gap”, is to provide a provocative landscape design situated within a living sculpture, telling a story. Our design features two large living sculptures that can be seen as two sides of a bridge, yet they do not connect.

One side of the bridge features plant material known for its Irish heritage and history. The other side of the bridge features plant material seen in Chicago and used throughout the Chicago Park District Conservatories. Yet the garden has a gap.

The two separate sides of the bridge reach the center of the garden space, roughly six to ten feet above ground level, separated by a negative space between the two hovering peninsulas. Using two viewing sides to observe the structure at its cross section, patrons will be able to see through the bridge and notice patrons viewing from the other side.

Without anticipating a connection, the patrons are now part of the garden and part of the story by bridging the gap. People make contact and make the connection to “Bridge the Gap.”



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Chicago Park District

Source: Bloom in the Park - Bridge the Gap - Large Show Garden Bloom 2016

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