The Tao of Now - Small Show Garden Bloom 2016


“The Tao of Now’ is a garden built upon the foundations of mindfulness and therapeutic horticulture. In a very aesthetic format, it offers a contemplative or respite space that can be easily copied and transferred to an urban community garden, hospice, hospital, health centre, school, college, or even a workspace courtyard.

We all need a little time out now and then, and the latest research is proving that sitting in a well-designed garden dramatically reduces stress. The garden is premised upon green healing – the use of predominantly green foliage plants to cause a relaxation effect upon the user of the space. The prime structure of the garden is a sculptural seating platform in the form of a Gyan Mudra – the yogic and meditational hand gesture that represents unity between the self and divine consciousness and which is also the symbol of wisdom.


In a hectic world, and a busy 10th anniversary Bloom extravaganza, ‘The Tao of Now’ is a space to find some peace and well-being.




Fiann Ó Nualláin is an author, broadcaster and perennial bloom designer. With a background in medicinal botany and holistic therapies he is an advocate of the healing potential of the garden and has worked in the field of horticultural therapy for almost two decades.(View profile)


The Holistic Gardener

Source: Bloom in the Park - The Tao of Now - Small Show Garden Bloom 2016


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