Out the Other Side: A Garden of Hope - Medium Show Garden Bloom 2016


The Marie Keating Foundation garden by Roche is designed to offer hope to people affected by breast cancer. The garden is inspired by the recent ‘Out the Other Side’ exhibition, which featured the stories of ten brave women who have all survived the disease.

The garden’s colour scheme symbolizes the journey of breast cancer survivors. The journey starts with the dark purple and red foliage plants and flowers, representing the emotions felt by women first diagnosed with the disease, or facing difficulties during the treatment. The foliage brightens and the flowers become pink, signifying compassion, nurturing and love. Finally, there is white, the colour of new beginnings, protection and encouragement. It offers a sense of peace and hope, helping alleviate emotional upsets. The only significant hard landscape element is a ribbon shaped bench, inspired by the Foundation’s Pink Ribbon logo.

12-Out-the-Other-Side -A-Garden-of-Hope


It is surrounded with a footpath and extended with a patio area at the top, with a pond with pink and white waterlilies in the middle. The focal point of the garden is The Hammock, made from women’s bras and designed by students of the Rediscover Centre in Ballymun, together with students of the National College of Art and Design, as part of a recycling design challenge.

12-Out-the-Other-Side -A-Garden-of-Hope-B



Tünde Szentesi is the founder of Tundelandscapes, a well-established garden and design business. She is a two-time Bloom Silver medallist and the winner of the “Best in Category” award for small garden design in 2013. Her qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Gloucestershire.(View profile)



Source: Bloom in the Park - Out the Other Side: A Garden of Hope - Medium Show Garden Bloom 2016

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