Sharing The Load - Small Show Garden Bloom 2016


‘Sharing The Load’ depicts how someone suffering from mental health issues can feel, as well as the positive outcomes that can be achieved by seeking support. This is also an important opportunity to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health and show that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that recovery is possible.

The designer is hoping encourage people to consider Mental Health First Aid so that we can support each other in our communities.



The structure is a giant see-saw that depicts the highs and lows that are experienced by people suffering with mental health issues. Tight planning of trees to the rear of the garden creates a shaded area, which represents how a person suffering from deep depression can feel. Dark coloured planting and plants with spikes and thorns depict a person who is trying to block out the world because they are finding it difficult to cope. Loose gravel from the centre of the tunnel towards the rear of the garden will give the sense of instability. In contrast, the front of the garden is a colourful, bright, positive space to show that life gets easier when help is sought. Following the show, Padraic will rebuild it on the grounds of Saint John of God Hospital, Stillorgan.




Padraic Woods is a self-employed garden designer. His contribution is inspired by a family member’s experience with bi-polar and borderline personality disorder. Padraic sees Bloom as a unique opportunity to shine a light on the mental health issues which have affected his family along with many others.(View profile)


Source: Bloom in the Park - Sharing The Load - Small Show Garden Bloom 2016



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