The Savills Garden – “Face to Face” - Large Show Garden Bloom 2016


Face to face is a garden concept that aims to reconnect us with our environment and each other, all within the confines and comfort of our own homes. With the ever changing landscape of the social media age, interactions between people and our environment has all too often become a series of text and images which we ‘Like’, share, post and retweet.

Where we believe we are more connected than ever, in reality the opposite is true. In place of real interactions and engagements on a human level, we have succumbed to the ease of virtual connections and interactions which are often just a shadow of the real thing.


Andrew’s garden has been designed to both highlight the problem and offer a solution to this disconnect and redress the balance in all our lives.



From small urban gardens to large rural estates, Andrew Christopher Dunne has earned a reputation as one of Ireland’s foremost garden designers. Andrew Lives with his wife and three children in the small coastal village of Clogherhead in the north east of Ireland but has taken commissions all over Ireland and internationally. This is Andrew’s second visit to Bloom. In 2014 his garden for Samaritans Ireland won Gold , Best in show (Medium Category) and the coveted Designers choice award. 

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Andrew Christopher Garden Design

Source: Bloom in the Park - The Savills Garden – “Face to Face” - Large Show Garden Bloom 2016



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