Serene Sanctuary - Medium Show Garden Bloom 2016


The Irish Country Magazine garden is based on the concept of the earliest gardens, that of sanctuary. This garden is a contemporary interpretation of that ideal in its use of enclosing structures, water and lush green textural planting, and in its splashes of colour, with restful whites, blues and purples.

The designers’ aspiration is to create a ‘Serene Sanctuary’ suitable for busy modern lives, where the contemplative and connected spaces provide a restorative and meditative experience.


The quiet power of gardens can be a force for good, and have a positive effect on our mental and spiritual wellbeing. As you journey through the garden, each section is intended to elicit positive emotional and sensory responses; the covered walkway with textured pebble paving and sculptural focal point, the day bed with rain curtain, and finally the enclosed terrace. The garden’s layout directs you through these spaces on a non-linear path, symbolising life’s journey with all its complexities, twists, turns, experiences and joys.



Alan is the founder of Green Shoots Design, and has worked in the landscape industry for over ten years. Previously he was a part of the management team which won ‘Landscape business of the year’ and was responsible for ‘Best Marketing’ through Bord Bia’s quality assurance scheme.(View profile)


Green Shoots Garden Design

Source: Bloom in the Park - Serene Sanctuary - Medium Show Garden Bloom 2016



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