Garden Landscaping. Howth, Co. Dublin


Above pictured the complete garden structure building, one part of an overall landscaping project in Howth, Co. Dublin.

Entirely hand-made and built. It consists of a fully slated roof, solid timber uprights, hardwood deck to the base, surrounds closed in on two sides; one hardwood shelf to the rear right hand side and back; and two hand-made accoya hardwood seats, one of which is a swinging seat; and yes even here I bought the chain and cut it to length etc.

Of note to the lean of the roof, as versus the angle (degrees), the house is 3 story at the back. The video below may show that in better detail.

Of interest maybe, I first landscaped this garden some 15 years ago; my first under the new at the time name of Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd. And though it had some mild edits over the years I guess it came to that point were the family (including the then children) had grown to become as tall as me. To the garden, this I guess it's greatest evolutionary moment since then.

On a slight side note, it's a funny one here, because although I know the garden and it's new room, in the overall context as a space works; I'll most probably never get to see that in full swing (....see what I did there ? eh ? I'll see myself out....) actually taking place. I guess sometimes or at some point I have to remember that it's not my garden. It's all good.

Happy. Very. Love this. Could have sat there forever. X

Peter Donegan:

Source: Peter Donengan Landscaping - Garden Landscaping. Howth, Co. Dublin


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