Aphids on Gooseberry Growing Tips - Gareth Austin

Look closely and you can see the Aphids having a field day on these Gooseberry plants...

I've given them a wee spray with some Pyrethrum spray, this will kill them on contact and should help to control the numbers

Gareth Austin is a Community focused Horticulturist based in Derry-Londonderry and voice of Gardening on the Mark Patterson Show on BBC Radio Foyle. Gareth specialises in Community horticulture, offering a wide range of events, programmes and acitivity on engaging people in the exciting world of Horticulture. Gareth lectures in Horticulture in the North West Regional College and offers school horticulture programs through the Western Education + Library Board. Gareth is passionate about changing land-use to a more positive use, urban food production and showcasing the flora of county Derry through the City of Horti-Culture programme of events.

Source: Gareth Austin Horticultural & Media Services - Aphids on Gooseberry Growing Tips - Gareth Austin

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