Concept Show Garden at Bloom 2015 - -Fiann Ó Nualláin & Lisa Kelly

Fiann Ó Nualláin is the bestselling gardening author of the holistic gardener series with Mercier Press. He regularly contributes articles on food, health and gardening to a variety of publications and is an advocate of GIY and gardening for health – which he regularly explores on radio and television appearances and perennially at bloom. Lisa Kelly is co-founder of inspiring gardens – a plants woman and horticulturalist with a background in educational services, she has presented and built many inspiring gardens at garden heaven, ideal homes, Bloom and Rhs shows.(View profile)


The Irish Country Magazine garden explores the modern gardening lifestyle – edible gardening and alfresco dining plants, eclectic and attractive ornamentals, fun elements, family and friends, health and wellbeing, the joys of getting outside. A productive space but also a social space – a large table for home harvested meals with friends and family doubles as a potting table and over the bloom show as staging for demos and activities – a place to commune and communicate.


The garden is heavy on upcycling and inventive ways to create growing opportunities –The big concept is to create a garden that echoes the ethos of the magazine, – inspire, inform, indulge.

The inspiration will be in the ‘take home’ nature of the garden – the leaflets, info packs, and bloom edition of the magazine will show how you can make many of the features at home. Information about nectar plants, superfoods and other aspects of the garden will feature in the demos and garden talks. Indulgence comes in the enjoyment of gardening and the social aspect of gardeners and in the creation of a picturesque space that delights the eye and enriches the soul – a real garden for real gardeners but with some bloom zing and exterior design trends to steal for yourself.


Name: Fiann Ó Nualláin & Lisa Kelly
Company: Inspiring gardens
@: fianninspire@hotmail.com

Source: Bloom

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