Concept Show Garden at Bloom 2015 - Breffni McGeough

Breffni McGeough is a landscape designer and contractor from Dublin. He has been designing and building gardens for a wide variety of clients over the last ten years in partnership with fellow landscaper Francis Doyle. He has won medals at bloom in 2011 and 2012. This will be his first solo design at bloom.(View profile)


‘Saison’ is a collaboration between landscape designer Breffni McGeough and craft-beer brewer Alex Lawes. Blending the science of brewing with the current trend of growing your own produce, this project is a fusion of two long-standing traditions showcased in a laid- back contemporary setting.

The name of the garden is derived from a base beer called Saison. This style of beer was normally produced specifically as refreshment for harvest workers known as Les Saisonniers in the Belgian region of Wallonia. Saison beer can reflect each season with different malts, herbs and spices being added.

Inspired by the beers Alex produces on his own self-built 100ltr microbrewery, which will be contained in the bespoke brewing shed, this garden will be a unique blend of textures and tastes. Constructed almost entirely out of salvaged materials, it aims to illustrate how a medium-sized space can be used to both grow and produce craft beer of exceptional quality.


Name: Breffni McGeough
Address: 48 Kennilworth Park
Harold's Cross
Dublin 6
M: 862171857
@: breffnidesign@gmail.com

Source: Bloom - Concept Show Garden at Bloom 2015 - Breffni McGeough

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