Concept Show Garden at Bloom 2015 - Hugh Ryan

Hugh Ryan studied Architecture in Dublin in the early 70’s before progressing to Garden Design and establishing his own practice, Hugh Ryan Landscape Design in 1977 where he specialises in the design and construction of private gardens. Many of his designs have received recognition both at home and overseas and have been published extensively. As a former full member of both the GLDA and the SGD, Hugh served on the councils of both organisations, and for a time was Chairman of the GLDA. Hugh won ‘Silver’ at Bloom in 2009 with his garden ‘Sequoia’. For more information about Hugh Ryan Landscape Design visit: www.hughryan.ie(View profile)


‘Footfall’ is a conceptual garden, and as such it is not required under the rules to necessarily have a function, however a large part of what ‘Footfall’ is about is that ‘form follows function’.

In 15BC the Roman architect Vitruvius wrote in his book ‘De architecture’ that a structure must exhibit the three qualities of firmitas, utilitas, venustas; that is, it must be solid, useful, beautiful. In the 19th century the American architect Louis Sullivan referred to this concept when he wrote, ‘form ever follows function’.


I am using high heeled shoes in my design to emphasise the point that although they are (for the most part) both ‘solid and useful’, it is the quality of ‘beauty’ which is very much to the fore, and the great power of their beauty is that they can enhance both the appearance and the confidence of the wearer. My hope is that my designs possess at least some of this power.

Name: Hugh Ryan
Company: Hugh Ryan Landscape Design
Address: Hugh Ryan Landscape Design
Co. Wicklow
T: 087 2561139
@: mail@hughryan.ie

Source: Bloom - Concept Show Garden at Bloom 2015 - Hugh Ryan

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