BFEI Landscape Design Students To Celebrate Modern Living at Bloom 2015

Having won awards at every Bloom in the Park since its inception in 2007, landscape design students from Blackrock Further Education Institute (formerly Senior College Dun Laoghaire) are set to turn heads once again at Bloom 2015. With garden creations including, A View Askew, Furrows of Sustainabilty, The Labyrinth, The Clearing, Aspire, The Garden That Nobody Saw, ArGhairdinCuil and last year’s gold medal winning, Facing South, this year’s entry comes with an excellent pedigree.

“Urban Oasis tells the story of Glen and Thomas, a modern professional couple living in a busy city centre,” explains Nathalie Markiefka, a first-year design student with BFEI and the driving force behind the garden. “We wanted to create a garden which celebrates modern living, which celebrates how plants can meditate the stresses of contemporary society. Urban Oasis is about connecting with plants in cities, connecting with each other and loving life.”

With the assistance of first and second year design students, Nathalie is recreating the modern urban garden; a city centre balcony. “We wanted to do something that’s not been done before,” says Nathalie. “The Irish population is increasingly urbanised and it is vital we communicate how plants can be utilised to mediate global problems but also the stresses and strains of city life. We also wanted to have a little fun! To make a light hearted statement of modern Ireland. To celebrate modern Ireland.”

The balcony garden will explore how planting and outdoor life can be effectively incorporated in small urban spaces. Lush planting, floristry and a living wall will accent the hard forms of the enclosure. Exploring the hot topics of equality and environmental issues, Urban Oasis is sure to attract a lot of attention.From its brand new purpose-built campus in the heart of Blackrock, BFEI offers a wide range of design focused courses including landscape, interior, graphic and digital media. For more information, visit www.bfei.ie

Bloom in the Park takes place on the June bank Holiday weekend, from May 28th to June 1st.

Source: GardenGuide News Room

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