How To Make Your Flower Shop Stand Out from the Crowd -

Arriving in to work for me always puts a smile on my face. The shop front always looks beautiful and stands out against, which could be described as a concrete jungle. Bold bright colours attract the eye before you even enter our shop. How do we make our shop stand out?

  • Shop front is very important. We have chosen a rich and varied selection of colours to brighten even the greyest day. An old style dutch curved canopy frames a beautiful lime green shop front. Our contact details are clearly listed on our canopy. Let the shop front continue to advertise for us even when all the staff are long gone home.
  • Clean Street: Always keep the road outside your shop free from rubbish. Should be swept twice daily. Morning and evening.
  • Shop window: Keep your shop window glass sparkling. There is no point in going to a lot of trouble coming up with a creative window design if the glass is too dusty to see it properly.
  • Creative outside display: If like us you are lucky enough to have space outside your shop, utilise it to create a beautiful display of plants and giftware. This will give your customers a taste of your style and items you stock. It can also encourage impulse buyers who may just pick up something as a treat for themselves or a love one.
  • Clearly label and price all items inside and out. Sometimes a customer will walk out,simply because they don't want to ask the price of an item.
  • Window display: Have fun. Be creative. Your window display tells customers a lot about your creative ability in your work. It is also working at night to catch people's attention.
  • Shop Displays: Keep changing your shop displays inside. Don't always be waiting on new stock to come in. Keep all areas of the shop fresh and new looking. Grouping in colours can create pretty effects.
  • Plants: Excellent plant maintenance is very important. Place plants in pretty pots. Decorate with butterflies and bows. Group plants in decorative baskets.
  • Advertisement: Show your customers even those who cannot make it into your shop of all the beautiful flowers, giftware, plants etc that you stock. Encourage them to order online.
  • Know Your Customers: get contact details from your customers. Just because you don't have a particular plant today does not mean you cannot get it for them. Get to know your customers and you will never lose a sale.

Remember it is not just your shop that needs to stand out, it is you, your staff, your shop as a whole. Always enjoy your work and take pride in it and your shop will stand out.





Ruth Gallagher is the Lead Florist at FlowersNow.ie and write and blogs about all things Flowers and Florists in Balbriggan, Dublin and Ireland

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