Bloom 2015 Review - Clara Doran Aged 16

Getting each and every family member to agree on an outing is normally challenging. However having followed Super Garden on RTÉ, an opportunity to visit Bloom thanks to Horticulture Connected and Garden Guide, we agreed was a fantastic opportunity. Consisting of a family of five, including two teenagers and a six year old, we travelled to Bloom with no preconceived ideas.

Bloom in the Park, is a garden festival with a cultural and gastronomical twist, sponsored by BORD BIA. Show gardens aside, there is also the opportunity to experience a diverse range of events – from food and wine talks to cookery demos, to experiencing the unique and amazing Irish sculptors in the 'Garden of Sculptors'.

Bloom is no doubt a fantastic family outing. My six year old sister was amazed when she was confronted by her idols from RTÉjr. She couldn’t believe that she had met people who were on the television every day. Also, the experience of eating pork from a spit, is something she will never forget!

From a teenage perspective, both my brother and I agreed that Bloom presented us with a snippet of future opportunities, which are not written in textbooks. It showed us many different career paths and gave us an interest in all of them.

For the budding garden designer (aka Dad!), there is no shortage of ideas and garden supplies. With various companies exhibiting at Bloom.
For the budding photographer or artist in the family (aka Mom!), Bloom is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed. Stunning floral displays, pop with colour and present you with the perfect opportunity to capture beautiful scenes.

Not forgetting that Bloom, is a garden festival, you will not be disappointed with the exquisite show gardens. No matter the diverse opinions in a family, the show gardens cater for everyone’s taste. Each and every garden is different, with diverse personalities reflected throughout them. Because, of this, everyone connects with the gardens in an individual way.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Bloom to everyone, especially families. If you plan to go next year, go early, bring a camera, wear comfortable shoes and you can be guaranteed, that you will return with an abundance of ideas, advice and enthusiasm to create the next Super Garden or just enhance your own little patch at home!

Clara Doran

Source: GardenGuide News Room