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Public Consultation on the draft River Basin Management Plans for Ireland 2018-2021


Mr. Simon Coveney T.D. Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government has published the draft River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2018-2021 and invites submissions, observations, and comments on the proposed plans during a six-month public consultation process.

The second cycle River Basin Management Plan takes a very different approach to river basin management planning to that adopted during the first cycle plans. We have now taken a single river basin district approach to plan preparation with a much-improved evidence base to underpin decision making. Implementation structures have been strengthened to ensure more effective and coordinated delivery of measures. 

Why are we launching a Public Consultation? 
Work will continue throughout 2017 in completing the characterisation of our River Basin District and on further developing the proposed measures outlined in the draft plan. This work will also be informed by the views of respondees to this consultation process. It is intended to publish the final approved River Basin Management Plan by December 2017. 

A copy of the draft River Basin Management Plan together with the associated Environmental Report and Natura Impact Statement may be accessed by clicking on the link below titled 'Documents'. 

How to get involved? 
Interested parties are invited to make written submissions or comment to help inform the development of the final plans no later than 5.30pm on Thursday, 31st August 2017

Responses should be submitted by email, preferably in 'word' format, to RBMP@housing.gov.ie

Alternatively, responses can be posted to: 
River Basin Management Plan Consultation, 
Water and Marine Advisory Unit Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, 
Custom House, 
Dublin 1, 
D01 W6X0. 

A request for a paper version of the draft plan or any queries concerning this consultation can also be sent to the above email or postal addresses.

Draft River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2018 - 2021 [3.12 MB]
SEA Environmental Report for the Draft River Basin Management Plans  [25.96 MB]
Natura Impact Statement for the draft RBMP's for Ireland [7.3 MB]

Source: Envirocentre - Public Consultation on the draft River Basin Management Plans for Ireland 2018-2021

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