Growing Shed Garden

With its round tower, high grasses and mossy stone walls, this garden evokes a sense of wild County Wicklow within a low-maintenance suburban, urban garden. The design is about increasing the green footprint and biodiversity regardless of the size of garden and enabling easy experimentation with planting and maintenance autonomy.  

Everything in this garden earns its keep, including the shed which is a garden in itself with its stepped roof planted with trays of herbs, sedums, grasses, and flowers, all of which thrive in shallow soil. The garden is filled with the scents, tastes, and colours of easy to grow plants that simply do their own thing while, at the same time, complementing the aromatic thyme and Corsican mint lawn which releases a heady scent when walked on.  

Melanie Webb

Melanie Webb

Melanie Webb inherited her love for nature, flowers and wild gardens from her late mother. She initially trained as a teacher and spent most of her early career in France, Germany, Cambodia and New Zealand discovering a world of diverse landscapes along the way.  Having returned home, she decided to pursue her dream of doing something creative which resulted in her training as a designer and establishing her own garden business.  Melanie has been a regular visitor to Bloom; this year she makes her debut as a show garden designer. (View Profile)

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